Storytelling – it’s not just for kids.

Phyllis has performed for adults, teens, and children throughout the United States as well as China, Israel, Europe, and Egypt. She will design a program to fit your needs whether it is for entertainment, education, or enchantment. Fairytales, fables, wisdom tales, Bible stories, historical stories, or personal narratives are all a part of her repertoire. Phyllis is constantly crafting new stories.

Children Who Changed the World

True stories of children whose inventions changed the world. Learn about the child who started a White House Thanksgiving tradition or a 16 year old girl who struck out two of baseball’s greatest players. Do you know the story of a young boy who invented a recreational device enjoyed by millions for nearly 100 years now? Do you know about the teenage girl who rode further than Paul Revere to help save people’s lives? The invention of Braille by a 15 year boy blind since the age of 3 is another fascinating piece of history.



 Fables and Fairytales

  • The Rapunzel Rap
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rumpelstiltskin’s Rhyme
  • Fox and the Lion
  • The Lion and the Beetle
  • The Elegant Rooster
  • Anna Maria
  • The Goat in the Chile Patch
  • The Extraordinary Tug of War
  • Knee High Man

 Personal Narratives

  • No Diapers on the Harley
  • How I Became the High School May Queen
  • The Gift of Story
  • Frank and Frances
  • My First Birthday



Story Snippets

Rumpelstiltskin’s Rhyme

The young daughter trembled when she met the king.
“Turn this straw into gold, and I’ll give you a ring.”

Then he slammed the door shut and let her alone.
“Oh, what shall I do?” cried the girl with a moan.

“I cannot spin gold from a pile of old straw.
Now I’m in deep trouble for the lies of my pa.”

She sat by the wheel and bitterly wept
When into the room a tiny gnome crept.

“Why are you crying, my sweet miller maid?
The blush from your cheeks has started to fade.”

“I must turn this straw into mountains of gold.
Or it’s off with my head or so I’ve been told.”

The Rapunzel Rap

How dare you come to my garden so fair
You’ll pay for this crime, I do declare.

Oh, please old hag, my wife’s huge with child
And Rapunzel leaves – they keep her manner most mild.

Picking these leaves for a pregnant wife!
Well, I’ve loved children all my life.

Oh help yourself and pick some more
Cause you won’t find these at the Wal-Mart store.

A group of boys were out muddin’ one day
When her lovely song it came floating their way

Their ATVs turned toward the tower
They were riding machines with great horsepower.

No Diapers on the Harley

We gathered around our granddaughter’s crib. We oohed and aahed; we made faces the grandparent’s like to do. That’s when our daughter said, “Oh, Daddy. I’ve got the most wonderful idea. Oh, Daddy this is going to be so cute. Let’s put Jordan on the back of the bike for some baby pictures. This is going to be great.” As my daughter clapped her hands in excitement and reached for the baby, my husband turned to her and said, “No. No diapers on the Harley.”

I was shocked. This is a man who would have moved the sun, the moon, and the Earth if any one of his daughters would have ever said, “Oh please, Daddy.” But here he was toe to toe with Eva and saying,”No. No diapers on the Harley.”


How I Became the High School May Queen

I’d like to share a phrase that I heard often during high school, “Phyllis Huelsmann, report to the office now.” Yeah, that was Father Patrick calling me to the office as he had so often during my high school career. There was the day I melted a chocolate bar on a teacher’s chair and she sat in it. That was a trip to the office. Or the day that I smeared Vaseline on every classroom door knob. Students stood inside the rooms laughing as teachers spun the door knobs around and could not get inside the rooms. That was a trip to the office. And the time I borrowed father’s car to go uptown for a hamburger. Wow, that was definitely a trip to the office.