Small Group Dialogue Instructor’s Manual: 12 Old Testament Stories

One goal of this Bible Study is to spur dialogue that will build relationships. Dialogue is collaborative and cooperative encouraging multiple sides to work toward a shared understanding. People participate in order to gain understanding and find the meaning of Scripture. This enlarges and possibly changes a participant’s point of view.When people participate in the activities of the class, they become more alert. This helps them share their best thinking while the thoughts of others enhance their views of the passage. Spiritual dialogue enables people to tackle tough issues. Everyone becomes open to reaching deeper insights than they originally understood. It gives everyone a realization that the more we learn; the more we still need to learn. Together they search for basic agreement as to the will of God.

It is always fun to see fellow believers come to appreciate what they learn from one another.An equally important goal of this study is to pull truths from Scripture. Participants will work in teams to search the Word of God and determine key lessons and applications for each story. Each lesson seeks to move beyond providing knowledge of the people and places in the Bible. The lessons seek to plant the Word of God in the heart.Finally, participants will be encouraged to learn and share the stories, an excellent method of discipleship. Because our brains are wired for stories, it is easier to remember information presented in a narrative structure. We are motivated and moved by stories.