Storyteller, educator, published author – all of these words describe Phyllis Hostmeyer. (And many people call her a stand-up comic. The quote that Phyllis hears most often during workshops, “You remind me so much of Carol Burnett.”) Phyllis has traveled throughout the United States and the world telling stories and providing professional development for storytellers and educators. You might find her working in the Arctic Circle, telling Bible stories in Israel, sharing myths on a cruise down the Nile River, or helping students in a small Southern Illinois classroom. It doesn’t matter where she is working or what she is doing, one thing is certain – she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to every task she tackles.

Following twenty-five years of classroom teaching, Phyllis began her career as an educational consultant and a professional storyteller. No one will sit quietly and daydream during workshops with Phyllis. She won’t have people sitting while she attempts to stuff them full of theory and lofty ideas. Her workshops will lead you gently into active participation so that you will dazzle yourself with your own brilliance and abilities.